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By SimonFraser on 2 Dec. 2014 (Amazon.co.uk)

excellent sound definition and build quality, zero interference from my phone.
drives my Shure 535 red no prob. Bass awsome, provided you have a good seal in your ear canal, if not dont blame the IEM or Tento.
i listen to medium quality tracks from spotify 24/7, hm some of the tracks have some minor hiss on, never heard that before :)
The Tento without a signal is dead quiet, no complaints.
i use the bluetooth connection all the time, which is one major reason i ordered this unit. it occaisionally stutters, this may be my S3 or the bluetooth connection, not sure, but well worth it for the convenience. would have given it 5 start if the connection had been rock solid.
you'll need two pockets, one for the phone, one for the Tento.
battery all day long, only once managed to run it down, 12 hours plus of use, nice you can use it again whilst charging.
would def buy this unit again.