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30 August 2017 Discover Germany Magazine über Tento
Modern sound technology for old-school music lovers.
Consumer Electronic & Technology Trends 2017
17 August 2015 Tento PortaDAC im Test bei media-mixture.de
Tento 1866 OCUB v.2 PortaDAC im Test – Umwerfender Klang

TENTO Engineerings Porta DAC ist ein sehr ernstzunehmender DAC mit Kopfhörer Verstärker aus der gerade erst gegründeten Schmiede von Tento. Aus einigen Quellen weiß ich, dass die Jungs bei Tento allerdings schon eine ganze Weile am Porta DAC arbeiten, und dies nicht etwa die nächste aus China importierte Billigversion eines vermeidlich hochwertigen DAC ist. Anders als bei den sonstigen Tests gebe ich euch hier nur kurz einen Überblick über die Features und komme später darauf nochmal zurück. Denn hier geht es zuerst einmal um den Klang des Gerätes.
31 Januar 2013 Mountains and Fog: the Sound of Digital Converters
Mountains and Fog: the Sound of Digital Converters by Lynn Olson
Positive Feedback ISSUE 65

I've been listening to the latest round of delta-sigma DACs—at substantial price points of more than $6000—and for reasons I don't completely understand, they sound alike, and quite different than the $1100 Monarchy N24 that I've had for the last ten years. The technologies are pretty different: the N24 uses the TI/Burr-Brown PCM1704 ladder/R-2R converter, passive current-to-voltage conversion, with zero-feedback vacuum-tube amplification. (This is NOT the same as adding a "tube buffer" stage to a conventional voltage-output DAC chip; that approach just adds 2nd-harmonic syrup to a signal already damaged by a mediocre opamp inside the DAC chip.)
3 September 2013 TouchMyApps Reviews MyST (Prototyp)
MyST 1866 Wireless DAC and headphone amp for your iPhone
Last month, Musica Acoustics had me photograph their new MyST 1866, a portable DAC unit from MyCroft that Dimitri was very excited about. The lad is almost always lost for words about cool new things, so I patted him on the shoulder and took the unit to my office. I shot the thing. I turned it on and off. I listened to it. Then I emailed Dimitri and threatened a review.
1 Oktober 2014 MyST 1866 (Prototyp) Review auf Head-Fi.org
Very interesting multibit DAC/amp with fun and enegretic sound

Pros: Overall sound, bass impact and control, lively mids, non-fatiguing highs

Cons: Some usability flaws

30 Oktober 2014 Headfonia Review
TENTO Porta DAC 1866 – All Your Bases

TENTO Engineering loaned Headfonia the TENTO Porta DAC 1866 for the purposes of this review.