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MyST1866 (Prototyp)

DAC OCU(B) 1866 — very interesting portable DAC/amp combo from Russian manufacturer Myst. Things I like: — Nice look. As OCUB is made in small quantities, it uses stock case, but case is fully aluminium, and fits perfectly in hand. — Great connectivity: you're getting USB, coax and optical ins, and in B version even bluetooth. So, you can use almost every DAP as transport — It has line-out, so you can easily use it with serious amps (btw Myst have few of them) — Really great parts inside: multibit DAC chip AD1866 from Analog Devices, AD8610 amp, OP275 as buffer. Nichicon KZ and Sanyo OS-CON as capacitors, Neutrik plugs, ALPS as volume control — Nice measurements: SNR 110 dB, DD 95 dB,... (read more)